Our employee networks

Our employee networks

Our employee networks

“Watching the people we support grow alongside the staff has filled me with so much joy”

Errol - registered care manager

We spend a great deal of time at work, so we should all feel like it is a place we belong and can be ourselves. Our thriving employee networks are led by our people, ensuring that our diversity is celebrated, and that our different perspectives are represented.

These networks contribute to our learning programmes, policies and procedures. They ensure everyone can have a voice, and feel supported, connected and visible at Sense.

The Ethnic Diversity Network

The Ethnic Diversity Network

The Ethnic Diversity Network aims to foster and grow a strong Ethnic Minority base at Sense.

The group celebrates culture, embraces identity, starts courageous conversations and provides a voice to help bring understanding, change and inclusion.

The Disability Employee Network

The Disability Employee Network provides a forum for disabled and able-bodied employees to champion the inclusion of disabled people within the workplace.

They have been active in helping us understand how we can work better together in diverse teams. 

“The Disability Employee Network has raised awareness around working with employees with hidden disabilities such as Autism, Tourette syndrome and hearing loss, to promote understanding and inclusion.”

Disability Employee Network Chair

The LGBTQ+ Network

The LGBTQ+ Network aims to create a safe and inclusive workplace, so everyone can bring their authentic self to work.

It’s a space for those in the LGBTQ+ community and allies to come together to champion issues in the wider community and promote more understanding. 

“The LGBTQ+ network joined forces with the Learning & Development team to write new eLearning on Understanding Gender, Sexual Orientation and The History of Pride - we launched to all employees in Pride month and the feedback was excellent.”

LGBTQ+ Network Chair
The Mental Wellbeing Network

The Mental Wellbeing Network

The Mental Wellbeing Network was set up by a group of like-minded individuals with the aim of driving change, reducing the stigma around mental health and promoting wellbeing.

The network provides a forum for sharing experiences, networking and discussing issues that affect us all.