Our commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability

Our vision is to be carbon neutral by 2040

We want Sense to be carbon neutral by 2040. This means reducing the amount of carbon we’re releasing into the atmosphere as much as we possibly can. 

To reach this goal, we need to make changes to Sense services, residential homes and charity shops. 

About half of our carbon output comes from these buildings and from our vehicle fleet.

We’re going to cut this output to a minimum. We’ll look for alternative, greener ways of powering our properties and our fleet. We’ll invest in electric vehicles. And where we can’t cut back, we will aim to offset our carbon output. 

What we’re already doing

Right now, we’ve started the process of carrying out energy audits on our buildings, to check how energy-efficient they are.

Based on these findings, we’re starting to make changes like:

  • Installing smart meters.
  • Upgrading boilers.
  • Improving insulation.
  • Switching to LED lighting.
  • Installing solar panels. 
  • Installing facilities for staff who want to cycle to work and promoting our cycle to work scheme.

We’ve also begun the process of buying electric vehicles to replace our old cars.

What we’re going to do next

Following the energy audits on our properties, we’re going to keep rolling out these energy-efficient changes.

We’ll also decommission the diesel cars in our fleet. We’re aiming to replace our 185 vehicles with electric counterparts, and install electric car charging points at our properties, over the next 12 years.

We’ll also:

  • Launch our sustainability policy in 2023. 
  • Make sure we’re using vehicles in the most environmentally friendly way.
  • Move towards green energy.
  • Educate our workforce on energy-efficiency.
  • Support employees who want to travel in an efficient way. 
  • Make use of hybrid work and online meetings to save energy. 


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